Getting the BEST Insurance at the lowest cost

Getting the BEST insurance at the lowest cost

Insurance is something we all need, and in many cases are required to buy, but no one really likes to pay for. At ABI Insurance our goal is to help you get the best coverage for the least amount of premium.

The first step in getting the most value for your insurance dollar is deciding which type of agent you work will with. You have one of two choices, you can buy your insurance through an agent that writes for only one company and offers only one choice like Allstate or State Farm or through an Independent Agent that has multiple company contracts like ABI Insurance Agency.

What are the differences in these types of agencies? One is called a direct writer and the other is called and Independent Agent.

A direct writer tries to place all their customers into one insurance market that they represent for the price they have available. The Independent Agent shops their customers insurance through different companies to find the right coverages at the best price.

If the direct writer only has one company they represent, then they can only offer one price for their customer in a "one size fits all" approach. However, if you represent several companies like ABI Insurance Agency an Independent Agency, you often find a much better price for the same or better coverage that fits your specific insurance needs. The direct writer does sometimes have the best coverage for the price for the perfect fit, but often there is a better choice.

No two people have the exact same insurance needs. The size of your home, the number of cars, atv's, boat's, rv's, age, credit rating, driving history and number of drivers all weigh in on what you pay.

An Independent Agent has the flexibility to shop several insurance companies with one phone call versus having to go to each direct writer to get a quote from their own company. While the Independent Agent usually will not have the same market as the direct writer, they offer several choices with minimum effort on the insurance buyer's part.

Regardless of which agent type you decide to trust your insurance needs to, make sure you seek out a local agent. When it comes time to use your insurance you will be glad you did.

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